Online Training Event

at AIJU (virtual) from 16 to 18 March 2021

Online Training Event

The main goal of the event, which was carried out online and was hosted and led by AIJU, was to introduce teachers and school partners of the project on how to use several AI tools, so as to enable them later on implementing pilot activities with their students.

The 3-days course started with an introduction to AI and its role in education and placed its focus on the development of relevant 21st century skills. Then, it covered issues related to how to start with AI in schools, and presented concrete AI services that are available: voice recognition, printed text recognition, text to speech, image classification, emotion recognition, chatbots, programmable AI toys. The event was structured with short presentations and direct discussions where participants had the opportunity to reflect on the technologies presented and give their feedback. Download Meeting Agenda.

At the end of the event a certificate was provided to each participant signed by the coordinator (IN2) and the organising partner (AIJU)


The organisations behind Edu4AI

IN2 Digital Innovations GmbH
Edumotiva - European Lab for Educational Technology
Fondazione Mondo Digitale
Asociación de Investigación de la Industria del Juguete, Conexas y Afines
Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium Weil der Stadt
Col·legi Sant Roc